Hello Mom

Written from the perspective of a fetus, HELLO MOM is as much a description of the miracle of life, as it is an intimate message from an unborn baby to her mother.

8"x10" Hardcover
4"x6" Softcover

Kirkus Review

A fetus in utero poetically describes her physical development in this picture book.           




From genetic formation (“DNA strands combining…Chromosomes click / into place, / Designing my blueprint”) to her debut as a newborn, a fetus chronicles her experience using descriptive imagery and expressive language.

Utilizing active, rhythmic language (“Cells swirl and scatter, / Then whirl and settle”), Grimbeek offers educational insights into biological events…A lyrical and informative look at fetal development.

To see her single cell split into two identical cells and go from there on a journey of continual growth, step by step, exponentially multiplying and forming the intricacies of her uniqueness, is a marvel we watch unfolding in the secret confines of her mother’s womb.

Belinda Grimbeek
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