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Belinda’s debut picture book

Published June 2, 2020

Read the charmingly sweet life-story of a very thirsty butterfly having to take a very long journey.


“A monarch butterfly makes frequent stops to quench her thirst on her migratory journey southward…

In what is clearly an homage to Eric Carle’s iconic children’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this charming debut picture book follows a monarch butterfly. She emerges on a green leaf and stretches her orange wings “in the warmth of an autumn sun,” preparing to make her 2,000-mile journey to Mexico.

Through the pages that follow, the thirsty butterfly finds the energy she needs by sipping from flowers along the way and from a glass of fruit juice at a farmer’s stall before joining other monarchs as she “soared and surfed the warm air currents south” to reach her destination. The butterfly finds a mate, heads north, and lays her eggs on milkweed leaves. The acknowledgment of the completion of the monarch’s life cycle is soothingly stated: “Her work was done, her energy spent. Away she flew, life would begin anew!”…

The author/illustrator bookends the story with a labeled image showing the anatomy of a monarch and a list of facts about these butterflies.

This visually appealing tale gently relates the colorful life story of a monarch butterfly.” – KIRKUS

About this Story

“It all started when I wanted to make my son a sequel to his favorite book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. However, the process of creating colorful collages, cutting and pasting papers, and seeing ideas come to life was so liberating that, by the end of this story, I too felt like I had emerged from some unseen cocoon to become an author and illustrator.”


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