• Too Busy

    Pastor Doug quoted this at church today: "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." by Dr. Woodrow Kroll Revisiting

  • The Query

    The story I have been working on for quite a while decided, out of the blue, that today was the day that it was ready to get out there. It was like releasing an animal back into the wild - free

  • SCBWI 2016

    Top takeaways from two of the speakers at the SCBWI Miami 2016 Johnathan Mayberry writing is the art of crafting an intimate conversation between writer and reader publishing is selling

  • I have found my niche’!

    SCBWI Conference 2016: in talking to Christian Trimmer in BOOKS & BOOKS, Miami, I found my niche'. One of the biggest questions I had for myself was: "Where do I fit in?" Most of my

  • The Art of Work

    Jeff Goins mentored me through his book, 'The Art of Work'. It all makes so much sense once you've read it and can see how God has brought you to where you are right now and gives you the tools to

  • Reality Check

    OK, so I had the brainwave, the new year's resolution to write one story a night...yeah right! I had scoffed at the one and only story that I had managed to write a few years ago...but now,

  • Permission

    I hereby give myself permission to make writing one of the priorities in my life. If this is something I feel that God wants me to do, then why am I not doing it? This question was plaguing me

  • Wakey Wakey

    First tip to making breakfast for your family: you need to be able to wake up before them! We've been on Christmas vacation for just over two weeks. Long enough to slip into a bad habit of

  • The Moon is Made of Cookies

    Apparently, according to my son, the moon is made of cookies. When astronauts arrive on the moon they can choose from millions of cookies lying around randomly...making up the miriad of

  • Taking Down the Christmas Tree

    **WARNING: this is fairly long** Christmas is over. We are back from vacation and have just recovered from the exhaustion of the long drive back...and gearing ourselves to rejoin the world. The