• How to reach my AUDIENCE?

    This is something I'm sure every Picture Book writer or illustrator has grappled with at some time. Here we are, brimming over with amazing stories, poised to make a difference in our world,

  • This is my Platform and this is my Pig

    Okay, so the pig has nothing to do with this except for dramatic effect. Wink wink. I have been struck lately by this very intimidating word: Platform. I have watched discussions and and

  • #Colour_Collective – Twitter Inspiration

    #colour_collective #white - last one for the year So, my experience of Twitter has been: 2014 jumping in - a strategic move to connect with writers, illustrators, agents, editors and anyone

  • A Year of Stories – 2017

    As we verge on end of 2017, I find myself looking back at my writings for the year. It's been a busy year, a productive year. When I consider how long it took me to write my first story (which, for

  • From Rejection to Entitlement 

    I had a thought the other day that has been settling into my mind and heart: Just because my stories are rejected one after the other does not mean that I am on a course of automatic acceptance one

  • Going down the Rabbit Hole

    It's Easter, so it's quite amusing that I'm writing this piece about a rabbit hole. I've been thinking about it for a while and it is totally coincidental to be coming out on this weekend. This blog

  • This Leaf Lives

    A walk in the forest, a leaf on the ground. Inspiration from something so withered and dead. The angles, the light, the colors. The points that have torn and curled. I love this leaf that I

  • Boomerang Stories

    I never knew that I was ready to start a new sport, till I started writing. I've become quite adept at throwing and catching my boomerang stories. I see now that this is just part of the

  • To the Brim

    The story of Jesus' first miracle at the wedding feast was particulary poignant at church this last Sunday. Pastor Doug spoke about how the servants obeyed Jesus' mother when she told them to do

  • My Favorite Color

    To answer that question: What is your favorite color?" My answer has to be: the deep-neon-cerise-pinky-orangey-purpley color the sun makes as it rises or sets. It's a color that moves and