First tip to making breakfast for your family: you need to be able to wake up before them!

We’ve been on Christmas vacation for just over two weeks. Long enough to slip into a bad habit of going to bed later and waking up later too. Normally, we stay pretty much even-keeled throughout the year as far as bedtimes and routines go, but the drive-through-the-night-episodes we had going to and from North Carolina, truly put the spanner in the spokes.

Mindful of the early morning with school starting up again, I went to sleep earlier, but to no avail…sleep kept me curled up tight. The kids had already woken up and Kent did not wake me up either, so I suffered the terrible realization as the sounds of spoons clanging on ceramic cereal bowls began to seep into my consiousness, growing louder and clearer…Drip, drip, drip till it splashed me full-face into reality.

Sigh! I need to wake up earlier.

They did eat, but the caring presence of mommy was completely out of the picture. Instead, they were faced with the frowning, fumbling mess of a mommy trying to gather herself towards herself in an effort to be remotely useful in the rest of the morning necessities.

I really need to wake up earlier!