Top takeaways from two of the speakers at the SCBWI Miami 2016

Johnathan Mayberry

  • writing is the art of crafting an intimate conversation between writer and reader
  • publishing is selling art
  • be a good writer and be a good business person
  • don’t let yourself be pigeon-holed – try different genres – try different things
  • attitude trumps all else
  • have fun and be fun!
  • be a part of a community to share and encourage and have fun together

Debi Ohi

  • develop your personal brand – represent yourself to others well
  • create your lightning rod and be ready to be hit!
  • be authentic
  • find out what sets your work apart from others
  • be consistent
  • be yourself

Besides working on actual stories, it’s also a matter of exploring new ways to express oneself, one’s relationships with others along the journey (critique groups are invaluable for encouragement and giving encouragement), developing a brand (or representing yourself honestly on social media in a way that others can know who you are and what makes you tick) and, of course, writing, writing, and writing some more. It’s very exciting, even if a little intimidating. The conference was a great inspiration to keep moving forward.