OK, so I had the brainwave, the new year’s resolution to write one story a night…yeah right!

I had scoffed at the one and only story that I had managed to write a few years ago…but now, after trying to write more, the reality of writing a story is so much more than pen to paper.

The amount of time it takes to write a story, review it, have it critiqued, review and review a thousand more times, edit, re-write parts of it, let it stew still the right words come or until a scene unfolds itself, finding the time to write etc…it all takes effort and intentional commitment. Creating the story as you would like it to be read, needs the patience of a hen sitting on her eggs! I realize that now.

So I have relieved myself from the pressure to write a story a day to the commitment to write a few good stories a year, to finish them and then to write some more.