SCBWI Conference 2016: in talking to Christian Trimmer in BOOKS & BOOKS, Miami, I found my niche’.

One of the biggest questions I had for myself was: “Where do I fit in?” Most of my stories are short stories which are too long for picture books and too short for chapter books. It bothered me that are no real short story options (besides magazine articles, I suppose) out there in the world of publishing. It was imperative to figure out where to focus my arrows into the world of publishing!

So fast forward to the evening in BOOKS & BOOKS. I “mozied” on over to Christian Trimmer. I thought: “Well, I’m here, he’s here, he knows a lot of stuff about all of this, I should ask him, now, while he’s here, standing alone at the bookshelf, why not?” So I did. He asked me no more than three questions about my writing and then I knew…as plain as day…picture books it is. He happily shared some pointers and I was set.

My next target was to take the story I had just written and shorten it by 1000 words. Simple right? Not so much!