“Hello world!”

Yes, I suppose that is what it is. So I left the play-play wordpress theme heading in there.

Although I am still quite confused and amused at the thought that in amoungst the trillions and zillions of people, websites, links and information available, that someone, somewhere, will actually, maybe, possibly read this at some point, out of choice or due to accidentally stumbling upon it on some random search…very confusing and amusing…

One of the reasons why I am taking the leap into cyberspace is because I have convinced myself that chances of anyone reading this is slim to nil! A very comforting thought to someone who is almost afraid to commit to an opinion on many things. Understanding or seeing most sides of any story makes it difficult to commit one way or another without feeling willfully neglectful of the other side…and even in stating something can immediately see other options, choices. This natural inclination, however, is very helpful in the critique process (although there is the concern that the post will change so much from start to finish, that it may not make any sense anymore…hence the need to just do it, write it…the freedom to change it if necessary…or leave it and let it bother)…ha! It has to be said that I have changed this post so much already that I am having to bite my tongue and take my own advice.

Anyway, I have also had to give myself a little (no huge!) nudge to jump in and just do this. I have turned professional at procrastinating as well as list making and dreaming, a very bad combination when you actually want to get something done!

So the question sits staring at me: “How much does one actually share on a blog, with a world that may, or may not actually read what you write?” Answer: I’m not sure… It seems like such a juxtaposition that someone who is rather an introvert, is attempting to blurt out all kinds of thoughts (hopefully not only shallow ones) to unlimited persons…again, confusing and amusing… as well as fuel to encourage any good procrastinator…

I have to remind myself about why I am doing this? And who my audience is?  What is my goal with the blog? I have to be clear on these things because I cannot do the types of blogs I have seen out there, those perfect posts from people who really know what they are talking about. I remind myself that I am not them  – I am me and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. It sounds simple but it’s not…so I am going to first define very clearly for myself (and for you…just so you know what kind of crazy you are about to witness) what it is that I am actually setting out to do, knowing also that it will most definitely change along the way.

There is further comfort knowing that I can delete posts at will. So there.

In the meantime, I will turn and face the fog…and move forward…and have FUN! “Fear not, for I am with you, says the Lord” (Isaiah 41:10). So with God holding me with His right hand, I hold on tight with my left hand and we walk in together.