• To the Brim

    The story of Jesus' first miracle at the wedding feast was particulary poignant at church this last Sunday. Pastor Doug spoke about how the servants obeyed Jesus' mother when she told them to do

  • My Favorite Color

    To answer that question: What is your favorite color?" My answer has to be: the deep-neon-cerise-pinky-orangey-purpley color the sun makes as it rises or sets. It's a color that moves and

  • Haiku

    So what is a Haiku? Allow me to explain within a Haiku, using three lines with syllables arranging in numbers of 5/7/5:   To write a few words to explain a moment in life Precise and

  • PMS

    Pee em ess, What a mess! Unwarranted stress Compressed duress Hormonal vortrex Emotional perplex Seems endless But it's not Dot dot

  • The Art of Work

    Jeff Goins mentored me through his book, 'The Art of Work'. It all makes so much sense once you've read it and can see how God has brought you to where you are right now and gives you the tools to