• How to reach my AUDIENCE?

    This is something I'm sure every Picture Book writer or illustrator has grappled with at some time. Here we are, brimming over with amazing stories, poised to make a difference in our world,

  • Going down the Rabbit Hole

    It's Easter, so it's quite amusing that I'm writing this piece about a rabbit hole. I've been thinking about it for a while and it is totally coincidental to be coming out on this weekend. This blog

  • My Favorite Color

    To answer that question: What is your favorite color?" My answer has to be: the deep-neon-cerise-pinky-orangey-purpley color the sun makes as it rises or sets. It's a color that moves and

  • Star so Bright

    Probably the cheapest decoration on the tree, but it dangles and sways in the fan breeze, catching the light just so, and draws attention. I have been pondering that extra large star so long

  • PMS

    Pee em ess, What a mess! Unwarranted stress Compressed duress Hormonal vortrex Emotional perplex Seems endless But it's not Dot dot

  • Too Busy

    Pastor Doug quoted this at church today: "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." by Dr. Woodrow Kroll Revisiting

  • The Moon is Made of Cookies

    Apparently, according to my son, the moon is made of cookies. When astronauts arrive on the moon they can choose from millions of cookies lying around randomly...making up the miriad of

  • Taking Down the Christmas Tree

    **WARNING: this is fairly long** Christmas is over. We are back from vacation and have just recovered from the exhaustion of the long drive back...and gearing ourselves to rejoin the world. The

  • A Million Little Ways

    No ways!! Yes ways!! I have just finished reading Emily P. Freeman's book,  "A Million Little Ways" ...and realize that I have to read it again! Possibly to have to read it repeatedly in

  • Ripples

    Ripples. Sometimes you're moved by one and other times you make