No ways!!

Yes ways!!

I have just finished reading Emily P. Freeman’s book,  “A Million Little Ways” …and realize that I have to read it again! Possibly to have to read it repeatedly in adfinitum.

Emily has been the perfect tool in God’s hands to perform the art he had planned to always do through her to inspire and encourage and release the creative uniqueness in each and every reader.

I have felt as if she was speaking to me, and only me...only to discover that every other person who has, or who is reading her book, feels the same way. Horrors! A friend of mine who has also been touched (understatement of the enth degree) by Emily’s words has said what is on all our hearts: “How does she know me so well?”

The truth is that God knows us so well that through the words of a complete stranger (although now obviously a bussom-buddy), he has been able to do an inner work in us that is inexplicable and marvelous and incredible. It emphasizes exactly what Emily’s book is about: discovering what it is that God has placed within you that you know you want to share, to step out and share no matter what, to allow yourself to be used by God for whatever work he has planned, and that’s it. Pure and simple.

No pressure, just be the me, give the me to God, do the me in the now, and whether it works or not, fear not, don’t give up and never forget the Love in everything…absolutely no pressure, except for the part of actually doing it.

So excuse me…(no, no real excuses – just using the expression)…as I literally feel released into the world anew to do the crazy wonderful things that I feel God laying on my heart to do, knowing that this is from him, for him, for others, however he wishes to use my two little fish or loaves of bread…it matters only what he intends for every little thing!

May God now have the freedom to do the one or the million little things he wants to do in and through me, every day, in every way!

God bless you Emily for doing your ‘thing’ so that millions more can do their ‘thing’ …ripples upon ripples upon ripples…what a beautiful thing!!!!