The story of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding feast was particulary poignant at church this last Sunday. Pastor Doug spoke about how the servants obeyed Jesus’ mother when she told them to do whatever he told them to to. When Jesus asked them to fill the water jars, they did not only filled them, but filled them to the brim. When he told them to take some of it and give it to the host, they obeyed. As Pastor Doug was talking, it was like Jesus was saying to me: just keep writing, and when I tell you to give your story to “so-and-so” then do that. Just do what I tell you to do, nothing more, nothing less.

The message also went on to note how the miracle was only known to the disciples and the servants. There was no big hullaballo about it, no attention to Jesus. The purpose of the miracle was so that the disciples would believe in him. The fact that the wedding party had some of the best wine ever, in history, was a bonus. In the same way, I only need to obey and persevere through the process of writing, reviews, re-writing, submitting, rejections. My job is not to transform the water in wine, my job is just to write the stories on my heart or that pop into my head. The miracle part is all up to Jesus, whatever he decides to accomplish with each story is his business. Whether that is only for my benefit, or others as well. God’s purposes are God’s purposes. Pretty exciting.