A walk in the forest, a leaf on the ground. Inspiration from something so withered and dead. The angles, the light, the colors. The points that have torn and curled. I love this leaf that I found. Of course, it is no more, lost and crunched and composted somewhere. But here it is on this page, in the web, surfing the internet, never to die.

I was thinking how I would like to draw something new, this weekend coming up. We are going away camping and I am looking forward to some time with my kids drawing and painting. I have no idea yet what it will be, but I feel like making something. I decided to hoik this old pic out of the pile just for mos (I am not apologising for the slang language). This is like a statement to myself to draw some more, paint some more, explore some more. Yes this is an old picture, I need to make something new, and make more new pics, more, more, more. Hymff, will see where this goes… (if you could see me now, I am looking at the screen with a big grin on my face)