To answer that question: What is your favorite color?”

My answer has to be: the deep-neon-cerise-pinky-orangey-purpley color the sun makes as it rises or sets. It’s a color that moves and changes right before your eyes, becoming deeper and stronger or fades off slightly and flows into pastels and shades of grey.  But not only that, the backdrop for  the color is an experience all of it’s own, different every single moment. I will explain what that looks like today as I am driving home with kids in the back, music playing: I watch as the Starship Enterprise and a sting ray slide towards each other and then glide across the sky becoming distorted to the point of transfiguration into another magnificent creature or figment of imagination, …and then, the sun, after having slipped behind a cloud, begins to peek through the gaps like a jack-o-lantern on the horizon. The sun bursts through the gaps in burnt yellows and bright oranges then drops off the horizon, promising to return tomorrow. Whisps of purples, pinks and peaches linger and feather across the sky in one last dying breath of radiance. Sigh,  it’s gone, the color is gone.

Okay, so this is not so much my favorite color, I suppose, as much as it is just admiring the beauty of each unique sunrise and sunset…and the mixture of colors are always spectacular – each day,  glimpses of Majesty, hues of perfection.