#colour_collective #white – last one for the year

So, my experience of Twitter has been:

2014 jumping in – a strategic move to connect with writers, illustrators, agents, editors and anyone else in the realm of writing. It was a business move – black and white. If I was going to write books then I wanted to connect with people in the same field, and learn. I tippy-toed into the mass of tweets and tried to find my feet. Started following…a fledgling.

2015 – 2016 flying around the realm of Twitterverse – becoming intune to the workings and maneuverings of flight within this tight-knit community. Discovering new people. Being discovered.

2017 – a little of the same except that I stumbled across the #colour_collective. I found myself being lured, like following breadcrumbs, the color collective drew me into a world that can only be descibed as an artistic ocean. What a treasure. Eye food. It has been so inspirational that I feel inspired to try something new and contribute my own offerings – not so much to become an illustrator, but just for the pure joy of creating, painting, and expressing myself a little differently this next year. What fun.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. I am writing Picture Books afterall. So when I see the pictures that not only inspire me, but humble me when I see the talent, I am so glad that I get to share my words with works of wonder. I am further inspired to make sure my words inspire the same for illustrators. Now that is a challenge, if ever there was one!

So Twitterverse, for me, has changed from a black-and-white-business-move to a place to connect with people weilding unique talents, a melding pot of creativity.

On the more practical side, Twitter has given me a unique perspective: watching authors being snapped up by agents, new books being published, experiencing writers each at different stages in their careers, priceless tips and courses from agents, editors or professional critiquers, and learning, learning, learning…it’s been good and I look forward to learning and connecting more in 2018.

A final thought as I was cleaning up the kitchen counters (yes, it’s amazing what one thinks while doing mundane things): God created the world with words, He created everything. When I think about the creativity in those who write and illustrate, I am struck by the significance of the creation process, that our words and illustrations are able to make something that wasn’t there before. God created us to be creative so it is no wonder, then, that we feel so alive when we are creating – it’s what we are meant to do. To make new things.