Who am I?

Les Misreables  sings out to me: “Who am I..?”

I will not try too hard right now to try to describe myself to you as I think this may be too much of a distraction, not to mention bringing on a surge of ‘writer’s block’.

I will leave it there and hopefully along the way we will discover me together – even though we may come to different conclusions.

My hope is that as I am faced with new realities about myself through the process of this blog, that I will embrace the good and the bad and always be able to point to the One who knows me best.

The plan is to uncover myself as a writer, a writer for children, a writer for children with some fun stories…hey, or maybe I won’t discover that at all, maybe I’ll discover something totally different. So, I won’t put myself in a box. I will leave many little cut-out doors for me to open, to explore.

Of course, the basics will always remain the same: I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister , a friend, a ‘sloth’ (my kids called me this for some reason)…I’ve been called an artist although I have only painted a few pictures, I am a ‘home-executive’ with a part-time job, I have been called ‘Crazy Bells’ by those nearest and dearest. I like people and a cat called Mocha, and birds and taking photographs and giving good-night kisses. I like to laugh and taking baths. I am not very good at reading directions, but I love watching movies. I wish I was a more organized person, I wish I lived on a farm and grew my own veggies and collected my own eggs. I am technologically challenged and have dreams of a six-pack and making my family breakfast each day. My eyes are getting weaker because I’m getting older. I love the way God loves me. I drink too much tea and I love to sleep. I am blessed beyond measure with the people in my life! I love the sight and smell of freshly cut grass. I like Instagram. I love watching Kent tackle jobs and get them done. I talk to myself way too much, don’t talk to God enough. I’m illogical and confuse myself in my own think-tank. I can go on and on but this should be enough to go on for now…

Nicknames include: ‘Bellseys’ (by my darling hubby), ‘Belly Welly’ (by my mom), ‘Ninny’ (by my sisters), B’linds (by my in-laws), ‘B’ or ‘Bells’ or ‘Bell’ (by some friends) …


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