As we verge on end of 2017, I find myself looking back at my writings for the year. It’s been a busy year, a productive year. When I consider how long it took me to write my first story (which, for the record, is still a little stuck), I am amazed at the amount of stories completed this year.

A few light bulb moments later (thanks in large part to critique group buddies, conferences and retreats), stories were tweaked and queries sent out to selected agents. Still no takers, but hey, that’s the way it goes. Truth be told, the rejections did get to me (as they do any writer, I’m sure) and the thought to quit lingered here and there for a moment or two…but then, that moment when a story weaves itself into your mind, meanders around a few times till it shows itself to you in a flash of light and a pop of emotion. Let the work begin.

Looking forward to what 2018 will bring! Already working on three new story lines and an interesting Bible character picture book. I’m excited for the next step, whatever that may be.